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We remove the fear associated with divorce by protecting your parental rights and ensuring long-term financial wellbeing.

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Drama-free Divorce

Whether you are just beginning the process or are already divorced but dealing with the challenges of an ex who won’t follow the rules, we are here to help you turn endings into new beginnings.

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You don’t have to figure everything out on your own. Whatever your story, the way we listen makes all the difference.

Divorce and Paternity - LOTUSLEGAL

Divorce & Custody

Ending a relationship can be one of the hardest and most challenging battles of your life. We meet you where you are today, and ensure that you never stand alone. With LOTUSLEGAL, you will always have the best team on your side.

Modification and Contempt - LOTUSLEGAL

Modification & Contempt

Numerous challenges can arise after divorce, especially if you didn’t have the right attorney in the first place. Our team can get involved at any point in the process to help make changes and modifications that better protect you and your family.

Damn Good Advice - LOTUSLEGAL

Damn Good Advice

At LOTUSLEGAL, we love helping people be happy and successful in relationships at every stage. We can guide you through the wild world of pre-nuptials, post-nuptials, and disputes between unmarried and non-traditional couples.

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Unlike most lawyers, we don’t presume to think we know your story better than you. We give you space to share your truth and experiences.

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"LOTUSLEGAL was always there when I needed help. They were very patient and understanding. I also received the best outcome I could have received. I’m very grateful for how they handled my divorce."

Randi S.

"The attention to detail was absolutely outstanding!!! Micah and Monica were on top of everything. If I asked, they delivered. I was never in the dark and wondering if they were working on my case. It was the best situation for a really bad situation!!!"

Tom H.

"After contacting Micah and feeling the caring and warmth he brought to the situation, I had no doubt he was the correct person to represent me. Micah's presentation in court was outstanding and I felt like he truly had my back. Guess what else? We won!"