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We are a radically different type of family law firm that achieves dramatically better outcomes.

About LOTUSLEGAL Utah Family Law Firm

The Story Behind LOTUSLEGAL

The way the world handles relationships is broken. It needs to change, and LOTUSLEGAL is that change.

We are a team of astute problem-solvers focused on education and empowerment. Unlike traditional law firms, we strictly limit the number of clients we take on at any given time to ensure that everyone receives a highly personal and deeply connected experience.

While our core beliefs are deeply rooted in the ancient teaching of yoga, our legal approach benefits from the latest technology. With our high-tech paperless approach, we achieve in minutes what takes other law firms hours (or even days) to accomplish. This results in lower legal fees and more timely results, without comprising quality.

We fight smarter and work harder. We are your peaceful warriors.

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