Micah William Scholes, Esq.

Micah William Scholes, Esq.

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Micah William Scholes, Esq.

A consummate student, he is a master teacher with four college degrees including a Doctorate in Jurisprudence and well over ten thousand hours of training and study in mindfulness, including an authorization to teach Ashtanga from Manju Jois himself. As a Bar-licensed Attorney, Guardian Ad Litem, and the Founder of LOTUSLEGAL, he is proud to serve on the Board of the Utah Association of Family Conciliatory Courts, and to have worked with the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office, the Rocky Mountain Innocence Center, the ACLU, and numerous other governmental and nonprofit organizations that protect and serve the underprivileged and marginalized.

While in law school, Micah focused his studies on trial, litigation, and any and all civil, criminal, and victim’s rights actions that got him out of the classroom and into the courtroom where he could make a difference. As a result, he won numerous jury and bench trials prior to even graduating!

He has now been a lawyer for almost a decade, and his practice today exclusively focuses on family law. Micah is AFCC Informed and appears in court several times a week on behalf of his clients concerning all manner of family law matters. While he enjoys the courtroom, he knows that it is not always the best way to resolve disputes, especially when children are involved. Trial can be costly, both financially and emotionally, so Micah crafts his approach to most cases as that of a “peaceful warrior” by endeavoring to resolve most matters via negotiation or mediation (and with a very high rate of success).

As the creator of Scholé Yoga, Micah has also shared the power of mindfulness with tens of thousands across the world and personally certified over five hundred teachers in his unique system of education and empowerment. In his spare time, he enjoys anything that gets him outside and connected to others, especially surfing, sailing, and other outdoor adventures.