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"Nobody gets married hoping that they will also one day get divorced and you will never convince me that there is such thing as an "easy" divorce. But - there IS a way to get divorced without completely destroying yourself or letting someone else destroy you. There is a way to get divorced and feel supported, without fueling all those really difficult and painful/bitter emotions that come with the territory.

LOTUSLEGAL didn't just help me get divorced, and they didn't just help me survive divorce. They helped me grow through my divorce. They were my allies, without becoming anyone else's enemy. They were empowering when I feared I was broken. They were kind and compassionate and motivating and teaching.

I wouldn't wish divorce on anyone. But I wish anyone that finds themselves going through that pain, the experience that I had. I have nothing but deep respect and gratitude for Micah and Monica and my entire experience with LOTUSLEGAL."

Heidi R.


"The attention to detail was absolutely outstanding!!! Micah and Monica were on top of everything. If I asked, they delivered. I was never in the dark and wondering if they were working on my case. It was the best situation for a really bad situation!!!"

Tom H. Testimonial

Tom H.


"Very personable, efficient, effective, kind and timely. Micah and Monica are an amazing team and I would recommend it to anyone. I could not have gone though the divorce process without them. They were there for me every step of the way. I can not thank them enough."

Katarina W.


"Making someone feel important in the world, especially important to themselves, means more than everything and LOTUSLEGAL has an amazing way of doing exactly that. My experience with LOTUSLEGAL was life-altering in a very meaningful way. They are much more than a legal service provider and I would recommend them to anyone that needs the service they offer."

Kristi L.


"I knew my case was tricky. I had contacted other attorneys, explained my situation, and was told it would be hard for me to get what I wanted. After contacting Micah and feeling the caring and warmth he brought to the situation, I had no doubt he was the correct person to represent me. Micah's presentation in court was outstanding and I felt like he truly had my back. Guess what else? We won!"

Cici C. Testimonial

CiCi C.


"Wonderful, supportive process. The LOTUSLEGAL team is there for you through the dark and scary times."

April S.


"I wish I could give more stars!!

Micah and Monica are a team to be reckoned with! I was NEVER left in the dark as to what was happening with my divorce case ... They were only a message or phone call away. As a bonus, I received weekly updates with inspirational quotes, that definitely helped keep me focused on being positive and becoming the best me, I can be.

Micah is so much more than just an AMAZING Attorney! He NEVER made me feel like any question or concern was too silly or trivial. He is caring and kind, he listened to all my concerns, he expressed empathy. He gave me guided support throughout the divorce process. When Micah said, he would be there for me ... HE WAS!

I would HIGHLY recommend LOTUS LEGAL."

Tamara M.


"LOTUSLEGAL was always there when I needed help. They were very patient and understanding. I also received the best outcome I could have received. I’m very grateful for how they handled my divorce."

Randi S. Testimonial

Randi S.


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